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Located at Warsak Road (Peshawar), Al-Rehman Hostel is a colourful hostel with bright rooms ranging from 2-seater to 5 seater rooms.The location of the hostel is a central location which is minutes drive from all the main areas of Peshawar. Warsak road is particularly famous for its large number of schools, colleges and educational institutions making it an educational hub in Peshawar. 

Al-Rehman Hostel hosts a number of facilities such as:

Study Hour:

A time of around 3 hours is allocated for study from 9:00 pm till 12:00 am in the night where students are strictly required to study. Wardens of the hostel are constantly on round to watch whether the students are studying during the given time or not. Mobile and internet is strictly prohibited during the study hour so that the students can focus on their studies during the time.


An in-house academy is available where highly qualified teachers from the famous Edwards College and Peshawar Public School & College teach the four science subjects, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The academy hours are from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. A nominal fee of Rs 5,500 per subject is charged for the full course of the given subject. Availing the facility of academy is optional on the hostel students and is not mandatory.

Strict Rules to facilitate study:

We concentrate a lot on providing an environment where a student can focus on his studies. Therefore, we implement some strict rules to facilitate such an environment, such as not allowing students to keep laptops or computer systems with them as students waste a lot of time on them. Also internet connection is now allowed to the students below the university level. Students of university level are allowed laptop and internet, etc.


  • 24 hours generator facility
  • Geezers for hot water (in winter)
  • Cold Drinking Water Coolers available (in summer)
  • TV lounge
  • Spacious Dining Hall
  • 24 hours professional security guards (private company guards)
  • A/C rooms available for summers (at additional fee)
  • Laundry facility for washing and ironing.
  • Hair Dresser.
  • Body building gym.

Fee Structure:

  • Admission Fee: Rs 3,000
  • Security Fee: Rs 2,000 (Refundable)
  • Per month Accomodation Fee: Rs 6,000 (including food)

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About Us

Watan Real Estate is a Peshawar-based Real Estate Consultancy company founded in 1986 by the respectable Mr Arbab Saif Ali Khan. With his 27 years of experience, immense knowledge in various fields and immaculate expertise, Mr Arbab Saif Ali Khan has carved out a niche for Watan Real Estate in the Peshawar Real Estate sector. + Read more...

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